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See How Bolgatanga SHS Student Creates Hole in Holy Bible to Hide Phone from Teachers

Breaking News: See How Bolgatanga SHS Student Creates Hole in Holy Bible to Hide Phone from Teachers.

A student at the Bolgatanga Senior High School (Big Boss) has resorted to a copy of the Bible to conceal his mobile phone from school authorities.
The student drilled a big hole through the inner pages of the Bible and buried a mobile phone in it to outwit the authorities.
Teachers discovered the black Samsung cell phone hidden deep inside the unlikely hiding-spot during a routine dormitory inspection at the premier school in the Upper East region.
A resident, Barnabas Abariga, questioned aloud as he seethed with anger: “How can a student incur God’s wrath because he wanted to disobey his school? God have mercy on this generation”.
The student, some residents say, might have been inspired by the popular saying “The best way to hide something from Black people is to put it in a book” to conceal the phone from his teachers. And he chose a ‘holy book’.
It is not clear yet who the student is as the Headmaster of the school, Afelibiek Ababu, appeared unwilling to speak to the press when contacted after the matter came up some months ago.
Ghana is torn in two over the use of cellular phones on campus by second-cycle students, with the Minister for Communications, Ursula Owusu Ekuful, stirring up mixed reactions late in 2017 after she announced senior high school boarders would be provided with mobile devices “not for fun” but “as learning aids”.
Whilst the debate looks far from won by either side, boarders across the country keep upgrading ways of using phones on campus and outsmarted school authorities keep grabbing them at last.
The Upper East Regional Director of Education, Patricia Ayiko, was left in utter disbelief after her first encounter in May, this year, with pictures of the vandalised copy of the Bible and illegal connection points at dormdormitories .
Such was the depth of her shock that the soon-to-retire Regional Director, who is well known for talking freely with the press, deferred what to say when the media met with her on the findings. The discoveries come at a time the Ghana Education Service (GES) says it is stepping up the tempo of its war against student indiscipline, particularly campus unrests, in the region.


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