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House Rules Auditions 2019/2020-Auditions, dates,Judges & Application Guide

House Rules Auditions 2019/2020-Auditions, dates,Judges & Application Guide

Teams (for the most part couples) from various states must finish rounds of remodels in homes and gardens in a competition to win a grand prize. All homes that have a place with the contenders are changed through the show.

In season 2, Jim Fogarty, did not return as Wendy Moore and Joe Snell assumed control over the garden rounds judging. In season 5, two new judges were presented, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Drew Heath, who joined Wendy Moore as judges.

In season 5, the candidates that win the season got a definitive prize of $200,000, rather than every single past season, where the winners had got a full mortgage payment. Since season 1, the Grand Final would be live with the victors being chosen by the judges’ scores and the watchers vote.


1-Interior Renovation:

The six groups fly out around the nation to totally redesign each other’s home. Consistently, one group hands over their home to their rivals for an entire inside change. Arrangements of principles from the proprietors are given to the teams known as the ‘House guidelines’ which should be taken after to increase high scores from the judges and the property holder team.

2 – 24 Hour Fix-Up:

After the initial six full house interior redesigns, all teams make a beeline for their own homes and should settle and re-try one of the zones in a span of 24 hours. Teams need to reproduce the space/s to mirror their own particular style and furthermore to inspire the judges.

3 – Gardens and Exteriors:

The best 4 groups are tested to change the outsides and greenhouses of each other’s homes. Two groups are allotted to a home (that isn’t theirs and must redesign either the front or lawns, and also enhancing the house outside.

4 – Charity House:

Beginning season 2, the best 3 revamp an old philanthropy house. Rules for this test are fundamentally the same as the principal inside remodels, where each group must redesign an apportioned zone.

5 – Grand Final: Final Renovations and Australia’s Vote:

The final 2 teams complete for the one last test at their rival’s home, to revamp an additional room. The Australian public vote in favor of their most loved team to win and the victor is chosen by a blend of the judge’s score, for the last task and general watcher votes. The team with the best outcome wins the season and is declared live.


Based on previous season 6 below are expected requirement of House Rules:

  1. Both must be 18 years of age or older
  2. Australian citizen or Permanent Resident
  3. Own your own home


Follow the below steps to apply for House Rules 8:

  • Go to https://go.mycastingnet.com/Apply/Show/HouseRules8
  • Click on Apply Now


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