ChatGPT Is Back to Italy After A Month of Temporary Ban

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot from OpenAI, has officially made a return to Italy.

OpenAI said it fulfilled a raft of conditions that the Italian data protection authority wanted satisfied by an April 30 deadline to have the ban on the AI software lifted.

As OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, tweeted, “we’re excited ChatGPT is available in [Italy] again!”.

Italy initially imposed the ban in response to reports that ChatGPT was collecting and storing users’ data without their consent.

OpenAI, which published a new FAQ, said it filters and removes information such as hate speech, adult content, sites that primarily aggregate personal information, and spam.

The move also follows OpenAI’s introduction of a new privacy setting that allows users to turn off chat history as well as an export option to access the kinds of information stored by ChatGPT.

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