Bill Gates Says AI Chatbots Will Be As Good As Human Tutors In Future

In a recent ASU+GSV summit, Gates revealed that these AI chatbots will be as good as human tutors.

He stated, “The AI’s will get to that ability, to be as good a tutor as any human ever could”.

The Microsoft co-founder said that AI can help teach kids to read in less than 18 months. He also added that AI chatbots are incredibly ‘fluent at being able to read and write’ and will help in teaching students to improve their reading and writing in novel ways.

“At first, we’ll be most stunned by how it helps with reading — being a reading research assistant — and giving you feedback on writing. If you just took the next 18 months, the AIs will come in as a teacher’s aide and give feedback on writing. And then they will amp up what we’re able to do in math,” he added.

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